How Are Kids Frames Different? Because children's frames are only a very small portion of the overall market, we only choose manufacturers that are committed to making quality children's frames. Click here to find out what we base our choices on.

How Are Lenses Different For Kids? Kids have a tendency to be rougher on their glasses than grown-ups. You would never want to put a child in glass lenses. Like a board with a rusty nail, that's just asking for trouble. Find out what type of lense we recommend for your child.

How Do I Make 'Em Wear Glasses? How to convince your child to wear his glasses depends really on his age. The most important thing to remember for young children is that they don't care how they look, they care how they see. Getting a well-fitting pair of glasses isn't half the battle, it's the whole battle. In 15 years of dispensing glasses, we have never resorted to putting a strap on to enforce wearing glasses.

How Do I Know my Kid's Glasses Fit Right? Using your fingers to adjust a bent frame will just cause it to break as often as not, especially if the frames have been worn for a while. Frames are constantly being flexed and bent, so they are subject to great stresses over time.